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You're an HR superstar.

You manage diversity and drive inclusion in your business. And then the GDPR arrives...

...haven't you got enough to do already?

Our free GDPR for HR materials take away your GDPR woes.

The first short video walks you through the implications of the GDPR for Diversity and Inclusion.

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C & W Chamber of Commerce Offer

Are you a member of the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce?

You can save £140 by claiming your free 90-minute, no-obligation GDPR consultation.

Find out about the GDPR problems facing your business, and how you can fix them.

Free consultations must be claimed by 25th May 2018 to take advantage of this great offer.

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Data Protection Audit

Are you worried that you're not ready for the GDPR?

Our Data Protection Audit will help you find out where you have Data Protection problems.

And show you how to fix them.

You benefit from an on-site visit and receive a written report outlining our findings.

Our comprehensive list of recommendations will guide you to Data Protection compliance.

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Data Protection Risk Checker

Fancy a free report that highlights where your business is breaking Data Protection law?

Our Data Protection Risk Checker produces just that for you.

Based entirely on your answers to a set of simple questions. Which will take you no more than ten minutes to complete.

You receive your free report promptly by email. Once you've completed the easy questionnaire.

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No-Nonsense Guide To Data Protection

Do you want to learn about the GDPR and other changes coming in 2018?

Our No-Nonsense Guide covers all Data Protection changes in 2018.

Including the GDPR and the new ePrivacy Regulation.

Your free guide is easy to understand. And a concise introduction to GDPR compliance.

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Virtual PBX

How does cheap and easy communication by landline and mobile sound?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems used by many businesses are expensive to install and operate.

Would you like to replace your PBX with a cutting-edge, slick and secure Virtual PBX?

And enjoy a host of other great savings on your office software?

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Marketing with Consent

Are your unsolicited and direct marketing operations legal?

Do you have the proper consent from your customers and potential customers to directly market to them?

Check out our article to find out what you need to have in place.

And how you can avoid breaking the law or being hit with a fine.