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Free Data Protection Consultation

Do you want to save £95 by claiming your free Data Protection consultation?

Imagine it is Friday 25th May 2018, the day that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force.

You completed your GDPR compliance programme three weeks ago.

It focused on your operations that had the highest non-compliance risk. And didn't cost an arm and a leg as you used a range of suppliers who had cost-effective solutions for your problem areas.

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All of the Privacy Notices that you give to your staff, prospects and clients are now GDPR-compliant.

You are collecting and using Personal Data in a way that makes it cheaper and easier to meet your obligations under the GDPR.

Everyone in your business has now been trained in Data Protection and Information Security. They were shocked to find out that the collection of Personal Data doesn't always have to rely on consent.

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You're pleased that you now understand all of the different legal frameworks available to collect Personal Data. And when to use them.

Justice is blind

It wasn't all about the GDPR though.

All of your direct marketing is now fully compliant with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), and you are well positioned for the introduction of the e-Privacy Regulation (EPR).

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Your Information Security has never been better, and you're confident that your IT infrastructure is protected against both internal and external threats.

You now have real peace of mind that your Data Protection compliance is the best it has ever been.

It all started with your free consultation from Idvallo Solutions.

How is your free consultation delivered?

We will conduct your one-hour consultation by phone. Or at your West Midlands office, if you have one.

What is covered in the consultation?

In these valuable sessions the following topics are usually covered:

  • An introduction to the GDPR and how Data Protection is changing.
  • Why the PECR and e-Privacy Regulation also matter to you.
  • Common issues and how your business can avoid them.
  • High-risk areas for your sector or industry.
  • A roadmap you can use to improve your Data Protection compliance.

alongside any other problems, risks or concerns you wish to explore.

The consultation is completely free of charge, and you save £95 (ex-VAT) compared to our consultancy rates.

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We will only use your Personal Data to arrange and deliver your free consultation, as described in this Privacy Notice.