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Free Office 365 Consultation

Ready to grab your free Office365 consultation and save £95?

How long have you been using the Microsoft Office suite of applications? Word, Excel and Powerpoint are often the first pieces of software bought by a business.

Buying Microsoft Office licences up-front isn't cheap. Did you wince the first time you purchased a licence for the entire suite? How did you feel when the time came to upgrade, and you were hit with another up-front bill?

And then you need to find somewhere to store all of the documents, spreadsheets and presentations you produce with Microsoft Office. Keeping them on your desktop or laptop quickly becomes problematic. Especially when you need to share your files with someone.

Do you backup your Microsoft Office data? How frustrating is it when you can't find the presentation you need for that important pitch to your client?

We live in an increasingly interconnected world, especially at work. How much easier would it be if you had one place to communicate with your colleagues and clients? By email, telephone, video-conference and instant message?

Microsoft's Office 365 platform solves all of these problems and more.

With Skype for Business and Office 365, you can receive calls placed to your geographic and non-geographic telephone numbers. Straight to your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Moving the existing telephone numbers used by your business is easy. You can choose to integrate with your current office telephone system or replace it entirely.

Skype for Business provides an excellent video-conferencing experience, whether you have three or ten people in conference. And you can use the same platform for direct video calls and instant messages.

Office 365 includes OneDrive for Business. Which is the perfect place for storing, sharing and backing up all your Office files. You get 1 TB of storage per user. That's a generous allowance and enough space to store millions of documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

An Office 365 subscription also allows you to access the latest version of the entire Office suite. Each user can install all applications on up to five PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

All of this is covered by a single in-expensive monthly fee. So no more large upfront costs to licence or upgrade your Office applications.

Are you ready to book your free Office 365 consultation and start taking advantage of everything the platform has to offer?

How is your free consultation delivered?

Your one-hour phone consultation will help you get to grips with Office365 and the valuable benefits it can provide for your business.

If you have a West Midlands office, we can optionally deliver your free consultation there. Or by video-conference.

What is covered in the consultation?

Areas we typically cover in the consultation include:

  • How you can make significant savings by replacing your current telephone system with Office365.
  • Introducing you to the secure file storage bundled with Office365, and its generous capacity.
  • Working out how you can reduce what you currently pay for the Microsoft Office application suite.
  • Identifying the best route to rollout Office365 on the desktops, laptops and smartphones throughout your business.
  • Discussing a high-level plan for migrating your users' email, file storage and other services to Office365.
  • Choosing the most appropriate Office365 subscription for your business.

in addition to anything else where you require advice or guidance.

The consultation is completely free of charge, and you save £95 (ex-VAT) compared to our consultancy rates.

We only use your Personal Data to arrange and deliver the consultation. And answer any follow-up questions you have. We will not bombard you with marketing emails.

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