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Ad-hoc Conferences Using Office365

How easy it is for you or your business to hold an ad-hoc tele or video-conference using Skype for Business on the Office365 platform?

Your business can benefit from the Swiss army knife of electronic communication that is Skype for Business. The service supports:

  • Scheduled conferences with multiple video and voice participants.
  • Ad-hoc conferences with multiple video and voice participants.
  • Point-to-point video or voice calls between two people.

This guide focuses on Ad-hoc conferences and walks through the simple steps used to launch one.

It takes two to tango

Most ad-hoc Skype for Business conferences will start as a point-to-point voice or video call between two people:

A point-to-point Skype voice call

In this example we have two voice participants. The first participant called the second from a mobile phone. The second participant answered the call in Skype for Business and we have the beginnings of our ad-hoc conference.

Adding a third participant is as simple as clicking on the Invite More People button in the bottom left-corner of the Skype for Business screen or clicking the round icon with a plus in the top right-hand corner:

Adding participants to a Skype call

When adding a new participant to a Skype call, you can select them through searching by:

  • Their name
  • Telephone number
  • e-mail address

Three makes an ad-hoc conference

Once a new participant has been added, details on all participants can be seen in the Skype for Business client:

Participants in a Skype tele-conference

While all participants in this example have connected by voice, ad-hoc conference participants can join or be invited using any of the following methods:

  • A video call initiated in Skype or Skype for Business
  • A voice call initiated in Skype or Skype for Business
  • Dialling a telephone number that connects to a Skype for Business client (see also Receiving Telephone Calls Using Office365)
  • Dialling the participant's landline or mobile telephone number in Skype for Business

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