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Slashing your communication and office IT costs

Could your business benefit from high-end (yet low-cost) communications infrastructure supporting video-conferencing, instant messaging and telephone calls?

The infrastructure used by businesses for communications and office IT has often evolved organically, resulting in a patchwork of products and services that are difficult to support and costly to operate. Numerous businesses are using out-dated private branch exchanges (PBX) to provide their office telephone systems. Such systems are expensive to install and maintain, while having less features than cheaper, contemporary alternatives.

Could your business benefit from an integrated telephone, instant messaging and video-conferencing platform?

You can now enjoy a low-cost integrated communications platform providing these great features:

  • Video-conferencing - conference with multiple internal or external people, clients or suppliers in a single session. Including telephone dial-in capability for those who can connect by phone only.
  • Video calling - 1-2-1 video calls between multiple internal or external people, also with telephone dial-in capability.
  • Full telephone support - receiving calls made to your regular telephone numbers (e.g. 024 7697 5224) and making outbound calls to any global telephone number. Fully-featured voicemail support for inbound calls.
  • Virtual PBX - call waiting, call routing, press 1 for sales, call hunt groups and direct telephone dialling connecting to individual members of your business.
  • Instant messaging - electronic instant messaging supporting all usual features such as group chat, emojis, busy/available/away status indicators and file sending/receiving.

Skype for Business (part of Microsoft's Office 365 platform) is a popular choice that supports all of these features on a Windows PC, an iMac, a MacBook, an iPhone, an Android phone or a Windows phone. This allows the people in your business to benefit from all of the integrated features above wherever they are and whichever device they use.

Is an integrated communications platform that comes with a reduction in your office software costs, an e-mail service and secure data storage - all at no extra cost - useful to your business?

Using Skype for Business also unlocks - at no extra cost - these additional benefits for your business:

  • A reduction in your Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote) software licence costs, while allowing each Microsoft Office user in your business to install the latest Office applications on up to 5 devices.
  • A comprehensive e-mail service for your business (Microsoft Exchange) that can be used to send/receive emails, manage calendar appointments and automatically archive important emails for legal or regulatory purposes.
  • At minimum 1TB of secured data storage for each user in your business (5TB per user minimum if you have more than 5 users), which can be easily, quickly and securely accessed by people inside your organisation according to the privileges you have granted them.

any many more useful services and applications, also at no additional cost. All Office365 applications can be used as an app installed on your device of choice (PC, Mac, tablet, phone) or in a web browser from any location worldwide with an Internet connection).

Do you want your business to enjoy the benefits of using Skype for Business and Office365?

Your business can now access a modern office application and service platform - including video-conferencing and full telephone support - provided by a world-class company and at low cost. Idvallo Solutions can help your business move to Office365 and unlock all of the benefits it provides.

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