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Receiving Telephone Calls Using Office365

Can your business save time and money by replacing your traditional office telephone system with Office365?

Traditional office telephone systems, also known as Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), are expensive to install, operate and maintain. They require regular capital expenditure and specialist support skills.

The Office365 platform provides a Virtual PBX system that requires no additional hardware other than the computers your business already has. This means that there is no capital outlay or need for on-going specialist support skills.

Office365 includes Skype for Business and this useful piece of software can be used to replace your traditional telephone while ensuring that people can still contact you by calling a regular landline telephone number.

In this brief guide you can see just how easy it is to receive telephone calls using Skype for Business, Office365 and your desktop computer or laptop.

Ring, ring

Office365 supports using normal geographical telephone numbers to receive calls directly in Skype for Business. Let's start with making a call from an Android smartphone to a Coventry telephone number that is connected to Skype for Business with Office365:

Making a call from an Android phone

Skype for Business running on your computer will start to ring when the regular telephone number is called:

Skype for Business ringing

and the call can be answered by clicking on the blue icon, or sent to voicemail with a click on the red one.

Answering the call

Once the call has been answered in Skype for Business a virtual phone with a keypad is displayed:

Skype for Business virtual phone

and the microphone and speakers on your computer are used to talk to the caller. Headphones can be plugged in to minimise disruption to those around you and these work seamlessly when answering calls in Skype.

Skype for Business on smartphones and Apple Macs

Office365 supports running Skype for Business on your Android phone, iPhone or Windows phone. This allows you to receive telephone calls made to a regular geographic number when you are away from your desk.

The Skype for Business software, along with the rest of the Office365 suite, runs on Apple Mac and Windows computers.

Do you want to save money using Office365 and Skype for Business?

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