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Would your business benefit from a greener, lower-cost and more robust alternative to physical server hardware?

In the age of the "cloud", you can slash your costs and take advantage of enterprise-grade hardware and services that were previously only available to deep-pocketed large companies. Moving the troublesome and expensive parts of your infrastructure into the cloud will free up time and money to invest in your business.

Can you replace your server hardware with cloud infrastructure that is more robust, secure and kinder to the environment?

There are cases where you need to retain physical servers in your office or data centre. Your business can achieve a significant reduction in costs by replacing hardware with a cloud alternative where possible. Working with a skilled partner who is well versed in migrating infrastructure into the cloud, you can start to enjoy all the benefits of operating in the cloud with minimal disruption to your business.

Expert cloud infrastructure setup, configuration and support

Idvallo Solutions can help you move into the cloud with either Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. Our services include:

  • Setup of Windows and Linux virtual servers in the cloud.
  • Securing cloud servers and infrastructure against attack and intrusion.
  • Integrating cloud infrastructure with your office network and other hardware.
  • Setup and configuration of any bespoke Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS cloud services that your business requires.
  • Migration of data and existing services from your physical hardware into the cloud.
  • Cloud virtual server troubleshooting and support.
  • Project management of your migration into the cloud.

We deliver our cloud solutions from our office in Rugby, supplemented by on-site visits when working on physical hardware in your office. You will also receive:

  • A vulnerability scan conducted against your network and cloud infrastructre to identify any security issues.
  • A capacity check on any existing cloud infrastructure you have, to identify opportunities for savings that can be made.

How much does it cost?

The size and shape of your cloud setup or migration, including:

  • The number of virtual servers required.
  • Which bespoke cloud services you need.
  • How your existing infrastructure will be integrated with the cloud.

will influence our fee for your cloud setup or migration and also any on-going charges.

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