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Data Storage

Is slashing the costs of storing your business's data while enjoying an improved service of interest to you?

You can make significant savings by storing your data in the most appropriate place, whether that be local to your office, remote or in the cloud.

Would you like secure, resilient and reliable storage for your data?

It is essential to protect the data stored by your business against loss, corruption, viruses, theft and unauthorised access. You can defend against all of these wherever you locate your data. A cost-effective and robust data storage solution for your business will protect and synchronise your data across all storage locations.

Expert Data Storage setup, maintenance and support

Idvallo Solutions will help your business to implement a robust solution that reduces your costs while providing a better service. Our solution will include:

  • Encryption and backup of all data you hold on all PCs, laptops and devices used in your office.
  • Protecting your data stored locally, remotely or in the cloud, ensuring that it is only accessible by authorised people, is encrypted and is backed up regularly.
  • Configuring virus scanning to defend your data from infection.
  • Synchronising your data, so that is available on each device and in each location or format required, including smartphones and tablets.

We provide on-site and remote support for all of our data storage solutions.

How much will it cost?

Our recommended solution will use industry-standard products and services to keep costs down. Your requirements, including:

  • Number of users.
  • Number of PCS, laptops, MacBooks and smartphones.
  • Volume of files and documents you hold.
  • Storage services you currently use.

will determine the setup fee for our data storage solution and any on-going charges.

What Are Your Next Steps?