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Will a high-class, slick and secure email service help your business present a professional image?

Email is a cornerstone of modern business and an area where you can stand out from the crowd with minimal investment. Using email addresses containing the name of your business projects a professional image to your clients.

A secure and easy to use email service for your business

Security is a critical part of your email service. All ingoing and outgoing mail should be virus-scanned and examined for other vulnerabilities. Protecting your messaging should work in harmony with your users so that important messages aren't quarantined unnecessarily.

Expert email setup and support

Idvallo Solutions will setup your email service on Microsoft Office365 or another provider of your choice. Our solution will include:

  • Setup and configuration of an e-mail address for each user in your business.
  • Adding additional generic email addresses (e.g. sales@yourbusiness.com) and distribution lists that you require.
  • Configuring virus, spam and vulnerability scanning to meet your requirements.
  • Migrating your existing email inboxes where necessary.
  • Integrating your email service with your infrastructure and other services.

Your email service will be setup from our office in Rugby, supplemented by an on-site visit if necessary.

How much does it cost?

Your choice of email provider and other factors, including:

  • Number of user email addresses required.
  • Number of generic email addresses and distribution lists required.
  • Volume of existing emails to be migrated.

will determine our fee for providing your email service and any on-going charges.

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