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Information Security Audit

Are you stressed that your business's data or information will fall into the wrong hands?

Has your business put robust Information Security measures in place to prevent the theft of your data? Protecting the data and information that your business relies upon is critical to preserving your reputation and maintaining your advantage over your competitors.

Would you like Information Security peace of mind?

Following appropriate Information Security practices is an essential part of meeting any Data Protection legal obligations placed on your business. A loss of data or information causes massive harm to an organisation's reputation and damages the trust of its clients.

Our Information Security Audit service assists your business in establishing secure practices and infrastructure to maintain the integrity of your data by:

  • Identifying each business activity where you have an Information Security risk.
  • Describing what needs to be done to resolve each risk.
  • Examining your technical infrastructure - local, network, remote and cloud - probing for vulnerabilities.
  • Directing your business in eliminating Information Security risks so that:
    • Your costs are reduced.
    • The efficiency of your business is improved.
    • Valuable and useful new services are introduced where relevant

Partnering with Idvallo Solutions gives you Information Security peace of mind.

How is the audit performed?

The service is delivered in two parts:

  • An on-site visit to assess your business activities, infrastructure and processes.
  • A written report that breaks down each Information Security risk and describes the action to take that will resolve it.

You will also receive:

  • An Information Security policy tailored for your business.
  • Information Security training materials for your staff and employees.

How much does an audit cost?

Prices start from £550 + VAT. Many aspects, including

  • The layout and configuration of your IT infrastructure.
  • The sector or industry that your business operates in.

influence the scale of the audit, and the exact cost.

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