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Internet Access

Is having a fast and rock-solid internet connection important to your business?

Any interruption to your internet access is likely to be very disruptive and potentially expensive for your business. In today's interconnected world, an unreliable internet connection can result in lost business, inefficiency and frustration.

Do you want an internet connection that maximises availability and minimises interruptions?

If continuous internet access is critical for your business, you should consider retaining two different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and combining the internet connections they provide. This approach offers redundancy which makes your overall connection more resilient and less prone to failure.

Expert internet access installation, setup and support

Idvallo Solutions works with market-leading ISPs to deliver fast and reliable internet access for your business. Our solutions include:

  • Setup and configuration of the equipment used to provide your internet connection.
  • Integrating your connection with your network and other infrastructure.
  • Setup of security measures to protect your network and infrastructure against attacks from the internet.
  • Configuring resiliency features where two ISP connections are being combined.
  • Configuration of any Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections required by your business.
  • Project management of all suppliers involved in providing your internet connection.

We deliver our Internet Access solutions using a mixture of on-site engineering and remote support from our office. You will also receive:

  • A vulnerability scan conducted against your network to identify any security issues.
  • A WiFi security check for your wireless network that highlights any security risks.

How much does it cost?

The needs and characteristics of your business, including:

  • The resilience and redundancy required for your internet connection.
  • Where your office is located.
  • Any additional equipment or hardware needed to deliver your connection.

will determine our fee for your internet access solution and also any on-going charges.

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