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Tired of your slow or unreliable network? How appealing is a fast, rock-solid replacement?

Today's networks combine physical wired infrastructure with WiFi, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and cloud services. If your business's network has grown organically, you may not be taking advantage of modern and robust network infrastructure.

WiFi woes eliminated

Wireless networks are critical to many business operations and services. They can also be the source of numerous problems, ranging from poor performance to difficulties with joining the network.

By leveraging modern network infrastructure and equipment, your business can benefit from a faster, more robust and easy to use integrated network.

Expert network setup, maintenance and support

Idvallo Solutions delivers integrated, secure, speedy and stable networks for your business. Our solution will include:

  • Use of wired and wireless network infrastructure as appropriate.
  • Installation and setup of firewalls, routers and other equipment required to operate, secure and protect your network.
  • Configuration of all PCs, laptops, servers or other devices that need to connect to your network.
  • Integration across multiple offices using VPNs or private circuits as required.
  • Integration with any cloud-based services you may be using.
  • Connecting to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you use to provide internet access.
  • Securing your integrated network against internal and external attack.

Your network will be supported and managed remotely from our office, in addition to on-site visits. We will also:

  • Provide documentation describing the configuration of your network.
  • Conduct a vulnerability scan against your network at least once every three months, to pro-actively identify any security issues.

How much does it cost?

Your requirements, including:

  • Number of users.
  • Number of PCs, laptops, MacBooks, server or other devices.
  • Type of internet connection.
  • Number of offices.
  • Usage of cloud services.

will determine our fee for setting up your network and whether there are any on-going charges.

What Are Your Next Steps?