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Rack-mounted servers


Are you interested in lowering the costs for the servers used by your business while boosting reliability and security?

The total cost to your business for running your servers increases over time. Operating reliable infrastructure requires continuous investment in patching operating systems, resolving security vulnerabilities and other essential maintenance.

How appealing is reducing your server costs while making your infrastructure more secure and reliable?

You can make savings on server infrastructure by making maintenance predictable and regular to maximise uptime and prevent outages that affect your business. A well-executed maintenance programme will also improve reliability and security.

Expert server setup, maintenance and support

Idvallo Solutions will operate your server infrastructure and minimise the total costs to your business. Our services include:

  • Supply, installation and configuration of Windows and Linux servers located in your office.
  • Setup and configuration of Windows and Linux virtual servers in the cloud with Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
  • Integrating new servers with your existing network and infrastructure.
  • Windows and Linux server troubleshooting for office or cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Installing and configuring new software on your office or cloud-based servers.

We offer these services either on-site or remotely from our office as appropriate. We can also assist you with installing and configuring servers supplied by other vendors.

Where you have purchased your office or cloud server from us, we will also provide:

  • Operating system configuration, updates and soak test, before you take delivery.
  • Monthly patching of critical updates to your servers.

How much does it cost?

Our fees for server infrastructure engineering are determined according to your needs and requirements.

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