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Data Protection Risk Checker

Fancy a free report that highlights where your business is breaking Data Protection law?

Our Data Protection Risk Checker produces just that for you.

Based entirely on your answers to a set of simple questions. Which will take you no more than ten minutes to complete.

Only takes ten minutes

In the time it takes to have a shower, you can be on your way to Data Protection peace of mind. Our online risk checker works on your phone, tablet or computer.

And it covers:

  • The Data Protection Act
  • The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR)
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Easy to use and secure

The risk checker emails your report to you within minutes.

The information you provide is encrypted while it travels across the internet. And encrypted when safely stored on our servers. In a world-class data centre run by one of the most significant names in technology.

Your email address is handled with utmost care

We will only ever use your email address to send your report to you and will not send you any marketing emails or subscribe you to any mailing lists. Unless you have explicitly asked us to do so.

We never sell Personal Data or pass to third parties without your knowledge. That would be an own goal for a firm specialising in Data Protection!

Knowledge is power

Knowing where your Data Protection problems lie is critical. Fix your immediate issues with the Data Protection Act and the PECR. And then enjoy a smoother road to GDPR compliance.

It all starts with your free report.

Do you want Data Protection peace of mind?

What are you waiting for? Accept the T&Cs and Privacy Notice. Then grab your report today.