Caring for the Personal Data of your clients and employees.

As a trusted adviser to your clients, you’re the custodian of their Personal Data.

From the information they provide to prepare their Self-Assessment returns to the contact details of the company directors, your clients count on you to protect their Personal Data.

When running payroll for your clients, you act as a data processor for their employee’s Personal Data.

In these cases, your client has a legal obligation to put a contract governing the flow of information in place.  You also have an obligation under the GDPR to store and use their data safely.

Your employees also count on you to look after their Personal Data.  If you’re conducting “Fit and Proper” checks, you’ll be collecting information on criminal convictions, which the law says must be handled with upmost care.

Whatever the reason for handling Personal Data, keeping if safe and secure is paramount.  You don’t want to be the accountancy firm whose data breach is publicised for all your clients to see!

Idvallo has extensive experience working with accountancy practices and understands the flow of Personal Data around your business and the challenges you face.

Our Data Protection Audit saves you the time and inconvenience of identifying the GDPR and Data Protection problems within your business.

We also put in place the policies and measures needed to protect all the Personal Data held by your firm.

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