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GDPR Breach - Could These 7 Real-world Examples Happen To You?

In this article, we'll take a look at seven examples of a GDPR breach (or data breach) and the problems these cause for unprepared businesses.

How Stale Is Your Prospect List?

Is your business wasting time and money marketing to stale prospects? Find out why you should keep your prospect list current, and the benefits this brings.

The GDPR and Networking - What You Should Know

Networking is important to many businesses. In this short post we cover how to stay on the right side of the GDPR when contacting people you've met when out networking.

Explaining the GDPR for Small Businesses

There's no need for small businesses to be baffled by the GDPR. We summarise the main tasks you need to tackle, and take a look at three simple ways to improve GDPR compliance for your small business.

What Is a GDPR Legitimate Interest?

The GDPR has put the spotlight on using legitimate interests when handling Personal Data. We take a look at some of the benefits they bring, particularly in a B2B context.

7 Ways to Improve Your GDPR Compliance

The GDPR doesn't have to be complicated, and understanding it can be straightforward. Explore seven ways to boost your GDPR compliance, with simple explanations supported by freely-available tools and resources.

What Does the GDPR Mean for Surveyors?

Want to know about the impact the GDPR has on surveyors? Learn more about the main effects of the legislation, and what you need to do about them.

Baffled by the GDPR and Marketing Emails?

Are you baffled and confused by how the GDPR affects Marketing Emails? We bring clarity and calm in this post exploring precisely what you need to know.