Data Protection Audit

The quick, easy and cost-effective way to become GDPR compliant.

Our expert-led Data Protection Audit will save your business weeks of time grappling with the new GDPR legislation and then writing the necessary policies and Privacy notices to ensure compliance.

It frees up your time, and that of staff, from GDPR compliance work and allows you to focus on your regular daily tasks.

It gives you peace of mind, knowing your employees, customers and supplier’s data is safe and secure and that you have the roadmap for full GDPR compliance.

Our audit takes place at your premises at a day and time convenient to you and takes approximately 3-4 hours. Based on our findings we go away and produce a comprehensive report outlining exactly where your GDPR and PECR problems lie, along with cost-effective solutions needed to resolve them.

Accompanying your report, we also provide:

  • A custom Data Protection policy specific to your business.
  • All the GDPR-ready Privacy Notices you need (usually 8-12).
  • An Information Security policy tailored for your business.
  • A standard set of Data Protection processes.
  • Data Protection and Information Security training materials.

Your audit is completed at a fixed price (depending on exact scope) starting from £975 + VAT.

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Case Study
The Popcorn Experience is a rapidly growing Events Management and Training company based in the Home Counties.

Each event delivered by The Popcorn Experience requires the collection of Personal Data, such as names, telephone numbers and email addresses, from attendees. The company organises numerous parties and events, with many of these being for children. Handling all customer Personal Data, and especially that collected on children, correctly and in line with the GDPR is a high priority for The Popcorn Experience.

We visited The Popcorn Experience's offices and carried out a Data Protection Audit. GDPR and PECR compliance risks were identified, and we delivered our report with the recommended solutions to the business within days of our visit. The Popcorn Experience started the GDPR compliance programme we had designed for them immediately and quickly addressed the highlighted risks.

Working closely with The Popcorn Experience, we prepared a child-friendly Privacy Notice and helped to put in place stringent processes to safeguard children’s Personal Data without hampering the delivery of fun and exciting events.

As part of the fixed-price audit, Idvallo delivered a comprehensive suite of supporting documents including custom policies, standard processes and all the Privacy Notices that The Popcorn Experience needed.

Having implemented the GDPR compliance programme suggested by Idvallo, The Popcorn Experience is reassured that their Data Protection practices safeguard their customers and comply with the GDPR.

Catherine Searle, Managing Director at The Popcorn Experience, said, “Working with Idvallo has been effortless. From the initial communication and audit, through to the provision of documents and implementation of processes, they have provided the complete solution. We now feel confident that the correct processes are in place and we are GDPR compliant. I would have no hesitation in recommending Idvallo for any Data Protection requirements in the future.”

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