Free GDPR Health Check

Your free, no-obligation one-hour GDPR health check lets you see where your business has compliance problems

The ten-point consultation with one of our experts covers your most important obligations under the GDPR and other Data Protection legislation.

We'll conduct your health check over the phone, in a video-conference or using Skype.

Your ten-point check will cover:

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The purposes for which you use employee, prospect, customer and supplier Personal Data - such as peoples' names, telephone numbers and email addresses

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Whether you have an appropriate legal basis covering the purposes for which your business uses Personal Data. Consent, legitimate interest and legal obligation are among the most relevant legal bases for businesses

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Setting a suitable period for how long your business holds on to - or retains - Personal Data. This applies for both electronic and paper copies

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Ensuring that people are properly informed about their Personal Data being shared with third parties, such as other businesses and HMRC

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Storing Personal Data with overseas suppliers (including online platforms like MailChimp and Wix) in a GDPR-compliant way, and telling people about this

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IT and Information security measures to minimise the chance of unauthorised access or theft of the Personal Data your business stores and uses

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Using Privacy Notices to inform people who provide you with Personal Data about how it's handled, shared and stored

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The most appropriate way to clearly communicate the identity of your business and its contact details to people you collect Personal Data from

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Explaining to people what legal rights they have over the use of their Personal Data by your business

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Whether you need contracts - Data Processing Agreements - in place with suppliers who store or work with Personal Data on your behalf

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