Profit from your database, but don’t break the law!

Your candidate database is one of the most valuable assets held by your recruitment business.

Is that asset at risk because you’re not using candidates’ Personal Data fairly and legally?

Idvallo specialises in helping recruitment agencies with their GDPR compliance.  We free up your time to focus on finding and placing great candidates, not worrying about the GDPR or Data Protection.

Working closely with you, we write all the policies you need to collect Personal Data from candidates legally and then share it with your clients securely.

Our expertise covers the collection and use of Personal Data from contractors, along with robust approaches to store candidate details without relying on their permission or consent.

Our Data Protection Audit saves you the time and inconvenience of identifying your GDPR and Data Protection problems and putting in place the policies and measures to protect all the Personal Data held by your business.

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Case Study
Native Digital Talent is a growing boutique recruitment agency based in London.

Native’s entire business is based on the collection, processing and exchange of candidates’ Personal Data. With the introduction of the GDPR looming, Native wanted to ensure that their Data Protection practices were stringent enough to comply with the new regulations.

We conducted a Data Protection Audit, pro-actively identifying GDPR and PECR compliance risks, and recommending appropriate, cost-effective resolutions. In a matter of days, we presented our report back to the business, who were able to act on its recommendations immediately.

Idvallo also worked closely with Native Digital Talent's CRM supplier to help identify the most suitable CRM configuration for GDPR and PECR compliance, allowing low-cost and effective compliance with the GDPR’s Right of erasure.

As a result of working with Idvallo, Native is now confident that their Data Protection measures robustly align with the GDPR and will support the future growth of the business.

Liam Doyle, Managing Director at Native Digital Talent, said, "Idvallo did a great job of talking through GDPR and showing how and where it was relevant to my business. It was a subject I found daunting but I am now confident that I am prepared for the future and Idvallo were able to explain a complex subject in terms I could understand and they gave me practical steps to ensure compliance going forward."

Idvallo helped Native Digital Talent develop all the policies, processes and Privacy Notices needed for the GDPR compliance programme we recommended – we delivered these on a fixed-price basis alongside our Data Protection Audit.

Do you want your GDPR compliance to be as easy as it was for Native Digital Talent?

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